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Terms & Conditions

  1. All payments are expected to be immediately received upon approval and allocation of a Babysitter by the Babysitting Buddies TCI.

  2. Request for Babysitting services may be terminated within 48 hours of the last care services rendered and upon written notice to Babysitting Buddies TCI.

  3. Where a child fails to arrive at the booked venue and there is no prior notice given to Babysitting Buddies TCI, the parents are required to pay and Babysitting Buddies TCIoperates a no refund policy.

  4. Where a Babysitter is absent on the booked date, the Parents/applicants will be refunded the professional fees paid.

  5. Where the Children causes damage to the properties, the children and not the babysitter will  take responsibility.

  6. Parents can take inventory of their valuables before leaving the venue for the babysitter.

  7. Parents can search the Babysitter thoroughly before he/she leaves the premises.

  8. Babysitting Buddies TCI is aware and understands that  being a care giver involves many risks and hazards and we are committed to providing premium and safe babysitting services to our clients.

  9. Babysitting Buddies TCI shall not be responsible for the negligence of any child and children in its care.

Terms & Conditions

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